Condition for EU delivery

The price of the goods: for price in EUR change the flag CZK to EUR on the top

The price for transport: we account you the price accourding the weight and distance of your shipment - we will inform you in the order confirmation



After your order we´ll check our goods, we´ll reserve the goods for you, confirm the order and

send you the invoice for your payment. You can send the money during the system Paypal

(www.paypal.com) of to our account in CZ.

After receiving of money to our account or to paypal system we will send you the goods by post to your adrese. You will receive the shipment in 5 days.



You can send the goods back without any argument in 10 days after delivery.

For better determination of your size send us your proportions in cm (describe to your order).

We will check your size in order and your describetion in cm - to not make some change of size after the delivery.


The claims of quality you can apply in 24 months after the delivery.

Please contact us by email, we will send you the document for the claim, you will complete it

and send us everything by post.

The term of claims handling is 30 days (the term start after our receiving of your claim).

If the claim is recognized we will send you money to your account.

If the claim is unrecognized or repaired we will send you the article back in 30 days by post.


If you have some question for this system please call to our phone number: 00420 774 701 711

we speak english.